How to Fix Your Sales Problems

How do you find the true cause of your sales problems? Is it your sales team or your sales funnel? When frustrated with the sales pipeline, take a look at your marketing activities to see how effective they are at bringing in leads.

Pam Wasley: We’re in a sales slump. We need somebody to come in and whip our team into shape.
Kristen McAlister: An interim executive can definitely help with that. Now are you sure the sales team is the problem? Or is there a problem in your sales funnel or leads? Coming up next, what is the true root of the sales problem?


Pam, it is rare to find a company that doesn’t want or need more leads.

Pam Wasley: Yes, but unfortunately what is not rare is companies using their sales force to bring in all the leads.
Kristen McAlister: Hmmm, sounds familiar. Remember when our marketing plan was a website, a newsletter and our sales team?
Pam Wasley: Wow Kristen, I sure do remember those days. When clients call in today and share that their sales are down or their sales have plateaued for the year. It doesn’t mean that they have a bad sales force. I mean they depend on their sales team to bring in all the leads for the company. How ridiculous!
Kristen McAlister: Do you remember those days?
Pam Wasley: Exactly. Well it may have worked in the past, but in today’s competitive environment that’s no longer going to work. They need good strategic and tactical marketing to supplement their sales funnel.
Kristen McAlister: My favorite word: sales funnel. When the team is frustrated with the sales pipeline, take a look at the marketing activities to see how effective they are at bringing in the leads. If they aren’t working, bring in an interim marketing executive who could quickly put your marketing dollars to work and fill up that sales funnel.
Pam Wasley: And stop depending solely on your sales team.
Kristen McAlister: We got it Pam, we got it!


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