How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

We all seem to not have enough time in a day. We want to do so many things, but we are never able to find the time to those things. Because of this, learning time management is a valuable skill not only in your personal life, but also in your professional life as well.

Today we will go over some basic things you can do to improve your time management skills.

List Your Day’s Tasks

Whether you prefer to actually write down your to-do list or use a online calendar, you need to write down your planned activities. Never keep this list in your mind because you will most likely forget the things you have to do, or spend too much time doing one thing. After you list your tasks, estimate how much time each activity will take. From their you will be able to see what tasks are wasting too much time. For example, if you have allocated an hour on your phone, try to reduce that to 30 minutes, so you have more time to do more important things.

Prioritize your Tasks

You should always try to allocate enough time for your important tasks first, then whatever is left over, spread it out for the unimportant tasks. If you have things like meetings or projects, then those should always be number one on your list. By prioritizing your tasks, you will further be able to see the unimportant tasks which are eating up the most of your time. The goal with time management is to be efficient.

Just like how the most efficient production lines produce the most cars, the most efficient humans are able to do more things in their life given the 8-12 hours a day you stay awake. The key takeaway with time management is to actually jot down your days activities. By doing this, you will be able to see what tasks are eating up most of your time. Then you can compensate by either waking up earlier, or pushing that activity for some other day.

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