How to Increase Sales if You’re Not Doing Well

How to Increase Sales if You’re Not Doing Well

Every entrepreneur is a salesperson is always looking to increase sales. Whether you’re just starting out or have been running the same business for over a decade, you’ll never lose your enthusiasm for making a sale. But sometimes you or your sales team loses their drive and revenue begins to drop.

You might have a great product, but if you’re not selling right, your business can suffer. Find your leak or go back to the basics to reignite your initial passion, and soon enough you’ll increase sales.

Find your leak to increase sales

If you’re not closing as many sales as you think you are, there might be a leak in the sales process. It might be in areas where you feel challenged or there is a need improvement. You need to identify and block that leak to stop missing out on sales opportunities.

Discipline and detail increase sales

Sales are about discipline and detail. If you’re not focusing on these two elements, you’re just winging it. As much as your personal intuition plays a role in sales, you cannot succeed if you don’t treat it like a science.

Following a structure with due diligence, and paying attention to details is guaranteed to increase sales.

Go deep into your network

One of the first places a salesperson or entrepreneur taps into is their network. Prospecting potential clients means contacting people in your network. Those people can be,

  1. people you know,
  2. people your people know, and
  3. people you don’t know.

Consider these individuals your market. Prospect them with multiple ways to catch their attention. The lowest percent of conversions are among the people you don’t know, whereas the highest is from people you do know.

There are ways to get in markets outside of your network which are the people you don’t know. They can be reached via social media, networking events or cold calling.

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