How to Increase Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a transformational sales strategy to increase sales can be expensive. Planning on a grand scale can require more resources, people, and movement, and hence, more funds. Effective as that might be, you don’t need to break the bank to increase sales.

The best sales strategies start at home and don’t require any extra cash at all. Get back to the basics and make your time more productive to boost revenues and profit.

Increase sales – Focus on the pure and simple

People are sick of being bombarded with new features and benefits all the time. With you and your competitors consistently offering so many options, after a certain point, it can all get confusing and muddled up.

You don’t need to look any further for an example than your cell phone. The race to pack your device with as many features as possible is over, and there was no winner. Users found overloaded phones confusing and longed for older models. In response, cell phone manufacturers are going back to a more minimalist system and producing phones without all the extra bells and whistles. Just last week, Samsung announced a “no Wi-Fi phone” and surprisingly it has a market.

Increase sales – Organize your time

Make a schedule where you allot an hour of your day to a productive sales activity. You can dedicate it to a single task – or two or three -that have worked for you in the past in boosting sales. One such activity that you could incorporate into your daily routine is asking for a referral every single day.

On paper this sounds like a lot, but it is a realistic goal. Asking for a referral takes only 10 minutes of your time. So, set aside 10 minutes in your daily routine to ask a past client or contact for a referral. Create an alert on your phone to remind you every day, and prepare a list, at the beginning of each month, of people you can talk to.

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