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I Need a Human Resources Executive

There’s a number of reasons a company of any size would need a human resources executive for additional expertise.

Whether you are looking to implement your first employee manual, review your compensation plans, assess your overall employee risk, develop a talent management program or going through a relocation or M&A integration, a human resources expert can have a great impact on cost savings, risk mitigation and employee morale. Bringing in an interim executive or management consultant can be a great way to quickly address the need and keep the focus on results without committing to long term overhead costs. At Cerius, we have seen the strategic use of an Interim Human Resources Executive include:

  • Translate the strategic and tactical business plans into HR strategic and operational plans
  • Develop staffing strategies and implementation plans and programs to identify talent within and outside the corporation
  • Develop progressive and proactive compensation and benefits programs to provide motivation, incentives and rewards for effective performance
  • Develop requirements for HR technology platforms and tools; guide the implementation of technology tools throughout the HR department.
  • Develop human resource planning models to identify competency, knowledge and talent gaps and develop specific programs for the filling of the gaps
  • Continually assess the competitiveness of all programs and practices against the relevant comparable companies, industries and markets
  • Develop appropriate policies and programs for effective management of the talent resources of the corporation
  • Develop policies and practices that are compliant to all government regulations pertaining to employees.

The practice of using a contract executive in the role of a part-time HR executive, or a temporary HR executive, or an interim HR executive has become a popular option. Even in companies that outsource much of the day-to-day HR duties to a third-party company, the CEO wants a senior-level HR executive on the team even if only for a few days a week. Part-time HR executives are also retained by large companies to drive critical initiatives for which the required bandwidth and skills are lacking in the company. These temporary assignments enable the company to get the job done expertly without adding to their staffing overhead.

As we mentioned, the situations for bringing in outside expertise can be limitless.  Here’s a few of the most common ones we see from clients at Cerius, how they were addressed and the types of results the client experienced:

Professional services and business processing
Interim Human Resources Executive for an M&A Integration: 5 days/week for 6 weeks


  • Company was acquiring a division that was 3.5x its current size in over 30 countries.
  • Company had gaps in expertise and bandwidth to properly execute within a tight timeframe.
  • Company needed additional resources for senior level HR experience with acquisitions, integration and global environments.


  • Compiled, coordinated and implemented all aspects of retention and incentive program relating to acquisition for executives and key staff
  • Created and coordinated Q&A process & forum worldwide.
  • Addressed situations arising from the Q&A forum that had not come up during the due diligence or acquisition planning process.
  • Provided insights and responses on individual cultures to properly address the actual vs. perceived situations.
  • Created global policy manual taking into account all corporate stakeholders, to then be adjusted to local legal requirements in each company.


  • Increased retention and offer acceptance due to amount of information provided, responses and transparency.
  • Increased productivity by 4x within acquisition team to address worldwide employee questions.
  • Issues were resolved more quickly with better local knowledge of culture and working environment
  • Increased morale with excitement and more positive view of acquisition

Custom cabinets manufacturer in home improvement industry
Part-time VP – Human Resources Executive: 3 days/week, 6 months


  • Company was facing state audit due to illegal employee claims
  • Company was looking to reduce health care costs


  • Audited all employee records and made the required moves to bring the company in compliance with state and federal laws resulting in a 50% workforce displacement
  • Work with displaced workforce to gain legal status and rehired them legally
  • Reviewed company benefits and researched alternative health insurance options
  • Worked with executive staff to improve leadership skills to meet company’s goals


  • Reduced company- wide health insurance by $250,000
  • Reduced 10% of work force due to redundancies in jobs
  • Helped 60% of displaced workforce gain legal status and get rehired

Wireless distribution company
Part-time Director – Human Resources Executive: 3 days/week, 13 months


  • Company grew from 25 to 75 employees within one year
  • Looking to expand distribution channels
  • Wanted process and procedures in place for employees
  • Company had out grown its internal skill sets and skill levels
  • Needed to determine what infrastructure was needed, what types of people and how to get everyone to the next level
  • Minimal experience with new distribution channel with 3 locations already in progress


  • Succession planning put in place
  • HR process and procedures in place to support accountability
  • Hired and trained senior HR profession to replace interim
  • Identified executive team needs,  and gaps with internal talent then filled them with outside talent to fit growth plan
  • Created internal talent identification and development program


  • Strengthened leadership team by tripling it with the right talent
  • Successfully opened new distribution channels with experienced talent
  • Doubled staff size and brought in talent to fit positions based on growth plan
  • Owner able to work on company rather than its day to day activities
  • Owner gained support to set aside personal associations and make decisions best for company and its future

Though no two companies and situations are the same, we find there are often common themes within organizations and at Cerius, we know how to find the right expertise to address the need and provide results.  If you have more questions about interim executives and management consultants click here some of the most commonly asked questions and answers.





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