Interim Executive Case Files: Interim VP of Sales at an Industrial Manufacturer

The results and implementation made by Interim Executive VP of Sales at an Industrial Manufacturer

This case study examines the impact an interim executive had on a 12 million dollar industrial manufacturer brought in an interim VP of Sales, 2 days a week for 2 months, to help address some of their challenges.

Company background

Prior to the interim executive joining, the company was facing a number of challenges. The company’s Sales Director had suddenly passed away and the department needed direction. The company was looking to increase sales 67% over the next 3 years. They were currently experiencing lower than normal sales. They’d had an increase in customer service issues and a turnover in sales management & sales positions.


To help address these concerns the interim executive implemented a marketing & sales plan with high impact sales actions; rearranged the organization related to sales for better growth positioning; developed and implemented job descriptions for Inside Sales Manager & a Sales Director; restructured the sales team to closely align with the territories; created an inside sales manager position and assumed the role in the interim then helped a hired replacement; and assessed individuals and promoted them into better-suited positions.

Results achieved by the interim executive

Through all of this work, the interim executive was able to help the company achieve some impactful results in a short period of time. The company’s sales were up 14% overall with 36% in the Western Region. Increased morale for sales team and sales never dipped during the transition from the interim to the new interim manager. The client commented, “He did exactly what we needed him to do.”

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