Looking for An Interim Executive? Fix the Job Description

At Cerius Executives we’ve overseen plenty of executive placements. What we’ve learnt is if your job description isn’t right, you won’t get the right interim executive.

Looking for An Interim Executive? Be precise

One thing we’ve seen over the years that hinders finding the right executive is the job description. Vague items such as “review dashboard” or “monitor interactions with customers” do not lead recruiters anywhere.

Make specific demands of what you expect from an interim executive. Envision where you want the organization or that department to be a year in the future, and create a plan of what needs to be done to get there.

Looking for An Interim Executive? Forget the past

Executive job descriptions are often either a repeat of what the previous executive did or their exact opposite – depending on the reason for their replacement. Let go of the past and focus on the person you will need a year from now, not just anybody who can do the job today.

Have a discussion with potential interim executives and tell them what you need to be accomplished. Share information about your goals and past performance, and let them tell you how they can meet your objectives.

Looking for An Interim Executive? Prioritize culture

“Culture is still king,” says Kristen McAlister, President of Cerius Executives. “You want someone the team will respect and follow and who will add to your company rather than take away from it. This could be someone who blends in with a mix of long-standing company traditions as well as help to create new ones that more closely fit the direction the company needs to go in.”

When you envision where your company will be 5 years from now, consider whether the person to lead you there should compliment your style or challenge it? Determine whether your corporate values are still relevant. If not, then search for an interim executive that will transform your culture for the better.

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