Case Study of an Interim Executive in a $25 million Manufacturer Firm

The experience of an interim executive solving challenges at an equipment manufacturer

This article examines the impact an interim executive had while working in a 25 million dollar heavy-duty equipment manufacturer brought in an interim General Manager for 3 months to help address some of their challenges.

Company background

Prior to the interim executive starting, there had been a 12-month leadership gap and that created some issues. There was a downward slide in EBIT, quality, customer complaints, delivery, and morale. The management team was inexperienced and there was a poor MRP implementation.

Implementation by the interim executive

To help address some of these concerns the interim executive stopped excess purchase activity immediately; corrected MRP forecast and safety stock issues; launched and completed a 35-day project to eliminate the external warehouse; established S&OP with cross-functional collaboration in forecast reviews with capacity planning; expanded QA surveillance, corrective and preventive actions within the facilities, and established cross-functional bottleneck identification and resolution; as well as address sample order performance.

Results achieved

Through all of this work, the interim executive was able to help the company achieve some impactful results. Sample Order lead time was reduced by over 50%. Sample Order volume capacity increased 3 times. Overall cost reductions were done while decreasing defects, rework & lead times. They also decreased customer complaints significantly. The client commented, “His operational expertise has made a lasting impact in our direction and approach; he has aimed us in the correct direction for success.”

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