Interim Executive Sales Tips for Business Owners & Founders

A company’s best salesperson is its founder. Follow these interim executive sales tips to become one without any training.

Business owners and founders are not the stereotypical salespeople, yet they can be the most effective. A great tip in interim executive sales is to rope the person who set up the business into the sales team.

Passion is infectious

If you own a business, the chances of you being passionate about it are very strong. Take advantage of your passion and industry knowledge and use it to talk to potential customers. People will feel your excitement and be intrigued. Some will make a small purchase to find out what’s so special about this product or service, while others will jump ahead and make a deal. Either way, you’re closing sales by just talking about something that interests you which is the easiest sales tactic in the book.

Talk to existing customers

Staying in touch with customers that have already bought from you is also a sales strategy. It leads to repeat purchases and recommendations that feed word-of-mouth marketing. Talk to your clients about your product or service. Are they satisfied? Is there some way it could be improved? Would they recommend it to a friend? All these questions will help you determine whether or not your strategy is moving in the right direction.


In the early days, you need to spend some time prospecting potential customers. That’s basically researching and defining what kind of person will take your call. It takes trial-and-error to figure it all out, but as the number of people you talk to grows, the image of your target customer becomes more clear. The place to start from will always be your friends and family. The second best are events and networking conferences. And the last is cold calling. Don’t underestimate either. You never know where you’ll hit the jackpot!

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