Interim Management Advice for Handling an Explosive Rise in Sales

Interim management advice is the best thing you can get when your product or service becomes a viral sensation!

Every business owner wants that moment where their brand goes viral and sales are off the charts. As attractive as that sounds, it can be an utter nightmare if you’re unprepared to meet the sudden uptick in demand. Luckily we’ve got some great interim management advice to get you through it.

Be open in communication

Small businesses aren’t prepared for massive orders and everybody understands that. Rather than making empty promises, let customers know there will be a delay if you can’t deliver on time. They would much rather know the status of their order no matter how late than get frustrated with the silence of not knowing anything.

You can appease delayed orders with a personal touch. Send them frequent updates on the processing of their order and send a thank you note for their patience. When Markhor, a leather shoes business, was unable to complete orders on time, the founders of the company personally hand-delivered the shoes to each customer showing them that they care.

Make your website stable

If your business is making waves, people will be searching for your business website to place orders, get info or talk to you. The surge in traffic can mean a lot of strain on your server and web resources that could slow down the site, or worse, crash it. If your website is down, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities that can be hard to get again.

Talk to your web developer about using a solution that can scale according to the traffic. One that can process thousands of users and threads in a single moment. If you don’t expect high traffic anytime soon, it might be better to use a pay-as-you-go model so you pay less when traffic is low.

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