Achieve World-Class Financial Guidance with Interim CFO’s and Part-Time CFO’s

We view “finance” as a strategic component, not just as an administrative function within a company. In fact, Cerius contract executives and interim executives have long histories of integrating financial management into business strategy and execution. Cerius interim executives include world-class CFOs who understand and focus on the strategic implications and the detailed, tactical execution of financial management. Cerius can connect you with the right part-time CFO, interim CFO, interim VP Finance, interim Controller, or part-time Controller within a week.

Interim CFO’s from Cerius fill a gap between the departure of a senior finance/accounting executive and the start date of the new hire. Part-time CFO’s work for a designated period of time to build and lead the accounting organization in a SMB, or to lead a key financial initiative within larger organizations. Typically, part-time engagements are for 12 months or longer and are 2-4 days per week.

A temporary CFO or temporary controller might work more days per month on your assignment, but for a shorter duration. While the title may be CFO, or VP Finance, or even Director of Accounting, our executives typically report to the CEO, President, the Board, or to another C-level executive.

Through the Cerius network of thousands of contract executives we provide the ideal executive to lead your Finance department or a finance initiative, with less risk than a full time hire and less cost than a Big 4 consulting firm. Request an exploratory meeting today.

A partial list of part-time CFO services:

  • Accounting System Selection and Integration
  • Decision-making Indicators (Scorecards and Metrics)
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Accounting Best Practices
  • Financial Systems Improvement
  • GAAP, SEC, FAS and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Restructuring and Investment Strategies
  • IPO / Exit Preparation

Let’s discuss what type of expertise you need.