3 Office Motivational Tips Used By Interim Managers

Interim managers are great at maintaining a productive office. Their secret ingredient is motivated and inspired individuals that work not because they have to, but because they want to.

One of the many roles performed by an interim manager is that of a morale booster. By paying attention to the needs and concerns of team members, they keep productivity and optimism high in the office. Some of the most effective ways used by interim managers include shifting focus to their core values, encouraging healthy activities, and increasing communication.

Interim managers encourage activities outside of work

A healthy work environment encourages activities outside the office. A weekly photo challenge or a steps competition is a great way to reduce stress, and inspire healthy habits that lead to balanced lifestyles. Employees that engage in wholesome activities are generally more happier and productive than their peers.

Interim managers share information

A major reason for low morale can be uncertainty. When staff members are confused by certain events or which direction the company is moving in, it can badly impact performance. The lack of information instills feelings of mistrust in the workplace.

If questions like “are we getting fired?” or “is the company in trouble?” are being whispered behind closed doors, employees will feel like their jobs are in danger. Instead of focusing on helping the company, their center of attention will be getting out as quick as possible.

Interim managers emphasize values

Every product or service delivered by a business provides value to its customers. In many cases, that value fulfills a need or want that impacts the user’s lifestyle. Leaders remind their employees of those values they are providing. Knowing that their work serves a purpose inspires them to do more than the bare minimum, and gives greater meaning to their actions.

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