Company Size & Timeframe

  • Large, Global
  • 2+ months @ 5 days/week; 4+months @ 3 days/week


  • Estimated $1.2M reduction (10-15%) in freight spend in participating regions
  • Significant improvement in velocity, frequency, delivery accuracy, etc.
  • Reduction of unmapped spend from $120k/week to under $5k/week

Company Profile & Position

  • Privately owned German automotive company with multiple plants around the world serving various OEM’S


  • German HQ brought in counterpart 1-year earlier to develop and roll out Transportation Optimization Plan
  • Typical automotive that started small, grew, expanded, and did not take into consideration global demographic/industrial differences/regions
  • “Assumption” that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Logistics in EU and US are not the same (and frequently incompatible)

Key Challenges

  • Setting common baseline to support future measurements
  • Understanding complexity (including pricing models) between continents
  • Clear understanding differences (e.g. EU “groupage” vs US TL/LTL
  • Identifying value proposition that worked for all


  • Pilot – 6 suppliers shipping to Mexico, common to other Tier 1’s
  • Phase – Additional 28 suppliers shipping to other co-located US plants
  • Implementation of “shared milk-run” model to deliver lowest possible cost for all participants
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