Company Size & Timeframe

  • $150+ million in revenues
  • 5 days/week for 7 months


  • Increased production by 35%
  • Decreased labor costs by 50%
  • Increased contribution margin by 10%

Company Profile & Position

  • Large
  • Interim CEO/COO


  • Geographically challenged
  • Losing money with no go-forward plan
  • Past leadership lacked well-rounded background to consider all areas of the company
  • Large capital projects underway to address perceived plant capacity issues


  • Implemented KPIs to increase productivity
  • KPI tracking provided visibility to major downtime issues
  • Worked with engineering to develop plan to address areas of the plant causing downtime and lost productivity
  • Created a plan to address reliability issues rather than capacity issues
  • Revised costing to reflect true cost by customer and SKU
  • Adopted a clear organizational model to minimize conflicts and provide clear lines of communication
  • Adjusted sales plan to improve margins based on customer segment and product mix
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