Company Size & Timeframe

  • $1+ billion in revenue
  • 2 months


  • Top management gained full visibility
  • Flexible reporting model to help ensure attainment of EBITDA goals

Company Profile & Position

  • Publicly traded company
  • Interim Director of Finance


  • Company had aggressive goals for increasing revenue
  • Ambitious plans for developing numerous new products
  • Skyrocketing development costs affected EBITDA, but no visibility to full impact


  • Developed a complex matrix and control program to forecast and track expenses
  • Created detailed forecast P&L and YTD actual per project
  • Redesigned reporting process to facilitate population of forecast and actual figures
  • Trained staff for ongoing reporting accuracy
Results manufacturing

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The interim completed the P&L project, providing critical information to senior management necessary to plan and execute a cost restructuring. Also, we had positive realignment among the functional departments as a result of the new information the interim provided.”