Company Size & Timeframe

  • $100 million in revenue
  • 11 months


  • Achieved financial goals
  • 100% orders shipped – no operational mishaps from transition
  • Met operational responsibilities despite industry challenges
  • Increased inventory management and accuracy
  • Increased bank inventory audit from 30% to 100% compliance

Company Profile & Position

  • Interim Director of Operations


  • Recently acquired a company
  • Sales and profitability not meeting targets
  • Leadership exited, losing critical employees locally
  • Needed recommendations for next stage of organization


  • Provided suggested model for self-leadership locally
  • Identified gaps in processes and realigned with business needs
  • Implemented an improved inventory management system
  • Provided supply chain analysis
  • Minimized industry contraction through supply chain and operational efficiencies
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Interim operations executives help implement lean practices, establish accountability, create infrastructure to support the next stage of growth, and help improve profit margins.