Company Size & Timeframe

  • $15 million in revenue
  • 5 days/week for 7 months


  • Secured more than $5M in relocation incentives from local governments for new site
  • Zero attrition due to closure; all key employees retained up to closure
  • Zero litigation

Company Profile & Position

  • Interim HR Leader


  • Company planned to relocate U.S. manufacturing operations to a different geography
  • Concerned about continued operations at the current site through the transition


  • Created a transition strategy
  • Established bi-weekly meetings for all employees to increase communication
  • Created compensation and incentive packages
  • Established weekly leadership meetings for communication and problem-solving
  • Created a culture of transparency
  • Participated in the new site selection
  • Responsible for positive outcome of new site negotiations
Results manufacturing

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Cerius Insights


“In order to swiftly relocate and restructure our operations and logistics center, we decided that critical experiences and skills were needed throughout the transition period. Cerius´ professional approach, swift execution, and the plug-and-play solution have been key elements in helping our company through a challenging and time-sensitive project.”