Company Size & Timeframe

  • 25+ employees
  • 2 days/month, 6 months


  • Timely reporting: Accounting books closed by 5th of month; reporting ready by the 10th
  • Created autonomy and leadership throughout the company
  • Increased productivity and better decision-making within R&D process

Company Profile & Position

  • Family-owned business
  • Operations Projects


  • Company growing rapidly
  • R&D process issues
  • Little to no accountability and autonomy
  • Minimal leadership
  • Slow reporting


  • Streamlined, documented and improved the R&D process
  • Created new KPIs and dashboard based on current business drivers
  • Created and implemented roles and responsibilities, plus a system to keep updated
  • Established process for team to conduct updates, ongoing process documentation and cross-training
  • Drove internal development and hiring of Operations Manager role
  • Realigned positions and people to best suit their strengths and skills
Results manufacturing

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We are leaps and bounds from where we were and are more confident in our roles. I can’t believe this is the same company!”