Company Size & Timeframe

  • $10+ million in revenue


  • Saved the company $2+ million dollars to avoid bringing product to an already saturated market
  • Leveraged interim’s network – Introduced company to another market leader, creating an opportunity to enter in an alternative way
  • Began strategic discussions for potential partnership

Company Profile & Position

  • VP of Strategy
Results services
Results services


  • Company sought to expand its business through new market offering and different product positioning
  • Recent acquisition enabled product offering to military health market
  • Was an outsourced personnel company, but saw a trend in federal government insourcing
  • Needed to grow business in an upward trending area
  • Wanted strategic assessment of portfolio offering and potential target markets


  • Performed analysis on internal offerings and surveyed against current state of the market
  • Created business case to close identified gaps
  • Determined the cost to achieve product competitiveness in an already saturated market (about $2 million)
  • Delivered full presentation with all discoveries and recommendations

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