Company Size & Timeframe

  • $50+ billion in revenue
  • 3 months


  • Internal shift to new product offering
  • Collaboration between product marketing and product management
  • Centralization of sales and marketing for faster speed to market

Company Profile & Position

  • Chief Marketing Officer


  • Very large enterprise with many layers
  • Needed to act more like a start-up than a legacy enterprise company
  • Spin-off: New company, new brand, new product. Needed its own identity
  • Little awareness in marketplace of the brand, the industry being created and its product
  • Segmented product marketing and product management


  • Created “top 10” go-to-market (GTM) recommendations based on market research
  • Developed integration plan for product marketing and product management
  • Created new GTM concept, storyline and pitch
  • Established positioning statement, suggested language, imagery and taglines
  • Provided various strategies for internal feedback before finalizing implementation plan

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote


The work done helped lead the way to centralizing of all of sales and marketing functions, such as product marketing providing quicker speed to market.”