The Five Business Challenges That Require a Great Advisor

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When does it really pay to have a good business advisor on your team? Truth is, there are very few situations in which guidance from an experienced advisor would NOT be helpful.

Whether you’re thinking of expanding your service offering, struggling with operational bottlenecks, seeking to capitalize on a market opportunity, or simply want to become more profitable, a wise advisor can help you plan your strategy and think through all the details.

Here are a few of the most common challenges a Cerius business advisor could address:

Challenge #1: Need for Scalable Growth

When your company is growing, an experienced advisor can help you pivot quickly and adjust your organization structure, ramp up your key leadership, develop a roadmap and create benchmarks for success. You can lean on their own background (and proven successes)—talking you through each hurdle as it comes.   

Challenge #2: Declining Profitability

When you know your biggest problem is profitability, but you don’t know how to fix it, a business advisor can bring an unbiased viewpoint and point out potential blind spots in personnel, operations, sales and marketing, or financial controls. They can even help you manage cash flow, raise capital or secure new banking relationships to further amplify your efforts.     

Challenge #3: Lack of Industry Expertise

If you’re in an industry that you’re not extremely familiar with, it can pay to bring in an advisor who knows the landscape, trends and competition better than you do. Their knowledge can help you navigate the landscape and create a solid plan.  

Challenge #4: Strategic Planning

Every day, market conditions change, new opportunities present themselves and new competitors may emerge. Advice from a proven leader can help you formulate (or refine) a strategic vision, map out succession planning, or focus on building business value with the intention to eventually sell. 

Challenge #5: Operational Inefficiency

Many advisors have decades of experience and are highly knowledgeable on operational execution. They can look “under the hood” of your organization to identify product design issues, manufacturing bottlenecks, areas of waste, quality concerns and hindrances to running a lean operation. 

For all the good an advisor can bring, there are really no downsides. They bring the insight you need, when you need it – and there’s no long-term commitment to keep your advisor around forever. With Cerius, you can bring in an advisor during key seasons or transition points, then leverage your stronger and more capable internal team to execute on your strategy. 

We can find the right advisor for you.

When you’re leading a company, you don’t know what you don’t know. Whatever business challenges you may be facing, an advisor can help you make decisions and avoid costly missteps.

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