Tips From Interim Executives to Help Improve Relations With Your Employees

Having good relationships with your employees is important for your business to succeed.

This is because employees are the heart of a company, without them things wouldn’t get done as quickly and efficiently. Below are some tips that you can use with your employees to improve relations with them.

Get to Know Them

The reason why your friends are your friends, and cashiers are not your friends, is because you actually know your friends. Since you have people who are friends, you are able to solve problems and do things together extremely well. Using this same theory, if you were to get to know your employees, then you will be able to better work with them. A simple way to develop a relationship with people is to talk about families or hobbies and create a connection from their. Another benefit of talking to your employees, is that it helps to calm nerves, especially for new hires.

Keep Things Professional

You have to realize that when getting to know your employees. you need to keep it professional. If your employees were all your friends, you would be in trouble. For example, if your company is going through a tough time, and you need to let go of some employees, telling your friend that he/she is being laid off is going to be tougher then telling a accomplice that they are laid off.

Mention The Employees By Name

Most people like being recognized. By doing this you are giving people a sort of ego boost which helps with their confidence. A great way to do this is when you conduct a team meeting. If you are talking about the strong performance or growth of your company, mention the people who contributed to this success and emphasis what they specifically did. By doing this, it will tell your employees that not only do you appreciate their work, but you also respect them.

These are some basic tips by interim executives that you can use to help improve your relations with your employees. The key takeaway from these tips is to know when to draw the line. You need to keep everyone below the “friend bar” if that makes sense. Once either you or that employee leaves the company, then by all means become true friends.

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