Tips to Become a Better Leader

We all wish to be a good leader like Martin Luther King Jr. or Winston Churchill.

These leaders from the past were able to lead a large group of people to a positive outcome which benefitted everyone. Becoming a good leader is not determined by a specific gene. You can become a good leader by incorporating some of these tips we will talk about today.

Be Persuasive

The reason why the best leaders are able to have such a large number of followers, is because they were able to persuade those people to believe in him or her. There are a lot of ways to use persuasion to your benefit as a leader. One way you could use it, is by telling your team how completing their goal will benefit them. You can tell them that by completing this goal, the chances for their promotion or raise will increase.

A Good Leader Will Praise in Public and Criticize in Private

Self respect and dignity are 2 things people value the most. You can either feed these 2 things or destroy them. A good leader will always try to “feed” a persons self respect and dignity, as it would give them a ego boost, which will help there confidence. A great way to do this is to commemorate great work from your team. If you feel like someone has went above and beyond in their work, mention there name in a meeting and thank them for that. Something small like that will help to improve that persons confidence, as well as force others to work harder so they can be recognized as well. When you have to reprimand someone you should always do it in private, because no one wants to be criticized in the public.

Take Responsibility for Mistakes

You may have seen in some movies where a leader of a team places the fault of not achieving their target on some team members. This is where we shouldn’t believe in movies. By putting the blame on someone else you are negatively affecting your team. By taking the blame for a mistake, you are showing to your team that you have vulnerability, which is a strength. This is because when a leader takes all the flak from his superiors for the teams mistakes, it gives that leader a new level of respect from his team members.

These were our 3 easy tips on becoming a good leader. By becoming a good leader, not only will your team/companies performance improve, but you will also be looked highly upon by people following you.

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