Cerius Business Today: Total Talent Management

Cerius Business Today: Total Talent Management

In this episode of Cerius Business Today, Kristen McAlister and Pam Wasley discuss what total talent management is and how it can be useful in modern organizations today.

Pam starts the podcast off by giving us the best definition of total talent management:

“Total talent management integrates and engages the full range of talent sources from traditional employees to a wide variety of non-employee workers including temporary workers, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, volunteers, outsourced resources and even non-human options such as, robots, drones and cognitive computing applications. So, AI is also part of this total talent management.”

Total talent management vs. get stuff done

Kristen shares her thoughts on renaming “total talent management” with the catchphrase “get stuff done”,

“You heard it here today. It is no longer total talent management, it is a strategy on how do we get stuff done. Because what I care about at the end of the day is results. Not how many people do I need to hire, not what job descriptions need to be written. But how are we as a company going to get stuff done?”

“How do I go out to every available resource to get stuff done? And not just stuff done, but get more done. Because our team is getting a lot done, but I’ve got to get more done. I can’t move fast enough. We’ve got to stay competitive. We don’t even like to stay competitive, we want to stay ahead of the competition. We want to make the market, not just lead the market or be one of the big players in the market. We want to make the market. And we’ve got to continually innovate with that…we can’t always look outside of it. We’ve got to go beyond that.”

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