Success Secrets for Independent Executives and Consultants

No longer does an executive need to work for the same company year after year. Nor does a CEO need to spend months looking for the perfect executive candidate. There is a dramatic shift from needing to own an executive’s expertise for a number of years to simply leasing expertise on an as-needed basis. How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money provides an insider view of how top-level executives are enjoying long and accomplished careers as interim executives and independent consultants.

For Business Owners, CEOs, and Executives

who have secretly wished they could scale their leadership team up (or down) in real time to respond to rapidly changing conditions on the ground. That time is now! Executive search has been available to businesses for decades. Today, its reach extends beyond full-time, full-cost executives.

Learn how to rapidly scale your business to take advantage of opportunities and respond to threats with days, not weeks.

Leverage highly skilled, proven executives on an interim, project, or direct-hire basis.

Bring in the leadership talent you need–when, where, and how you need it.