What a Human Resources Strategic Plan for Hiring Looks Like

Although the HR department has a lot to manage, it is mostly known for hiring. Finding and signing on new employees is a long and difficult task that can have a huge impact on performance. A human resources strategic plan helps make it easy.

To make sure companies hire the right people, managers stick to their human resources strategic plan. It includes where to hire from, background checks and salary negotiation.

Human Resources Strategic Plan: Hiring sources

An HR manager has two pools of talent to hire from – internal or external to the company. Hiring from within saves them money and time else spent on the initial learning period of a new hire. Therefore through succession plans, promotions and internal ads, current employees get a chance to apply for vacancies within the organization.

Sometimes, however, the organization lacks the skills needed to fill that vacancy. That’s when hiring from the outside can be useful. HR managers attract external talent through job agencies or directly from universities. With new skills and an outsider perspective, they are able to spot areas for improvement that insiders miss.

Human Resources Strategic Plan: Background check

Just as you don’t let a stranger step into your house, you can’t hire somebody without a background check. That’s why recruiters screen shortlisted candidates by contacting their references. They also double check their qualifications by reviewing documents or contacting the institute they claim to have studied at.

Organizations want people who can do the job. If it involves dealing with something that may be hazardous, candidates may be asked to give some medical tests.

Human Resources Strategic Plan: Negotiation

Everybody wants to be rolling in money. That’s why businesses need to negotiate hard to bring down the number. HR managers usually start with the candidate’s previous salary and work a deal between that and the amount expected.

Another way to make the offer more attractive is to throw in benefits and emphasize opportunities for growth . The end game of the negotiation is a situation where everybody feels like they’ve won. If HR has accomplished that, then they’ve landed themselves a good deal.

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