When to Hire Interim Executives

when to hire an interim executive

Interim executives can help your organization in more ways than one. Although they are primarily hired for filling a gap in leadership or leading a key initiative, interim executives can help in other difficult situations.

Interim executives and downsizing

Oftentimes companies are faced with the tough decision of having to let employees go in order to stay alive. It can be difficult as managers have a close bond with the people they work with, and can’t be objective in their decisions. Because interim executives have no past associations with the employees in a company, they are able to think rationally and analytically in deciding which losses in people benefit the company most.

Matt Sauer, a Senior Human Resources Executive with extensive experience with two Global Fortune 100 Companies, says: “[Interim Managers] can be called into a situation where the company is in dire straits. They need to bring somebody in to help them make difficult decisions about how to streamline a company to make it profitable, but because of long-standing relationships the current owner is having difficulty making that decision on his/her own.”

Outsider’s perspective from interim executives

Working in the same environment for a long period of time forces you to think a certain way. Because interim executives are not confined to those same values and rules, they are able to provide fresh and new ideas that nobody in the company would think of otherwise. That outsider’s perspective can prove invaluable to companies.

“You need that outsider perspective and as much as you can. An individual in your company has a limited number of company experiences compared to an interim executive,” explains Kristen McAlister, President/COO and Co-Owner of Cerius Executives. “Interim executives work with several companies a year allowing an organization to leverage much more for specific needs. They can bring that perspective into your company, and give a whole different view and take on things.”

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