15 Minutes Could Improve Your Company 15%+

It is estimated there are over 70 crucial markers a business leader is expected to watch every day. Somewhere in that mountain of priorities is the Product, Plan, People and Finances. So how does a business leader stay focused with so many moving parts on a daily basis.



The old acronym of KISS is rare to find in this age of technology and especially when using business analytical tools. Fortunately, we remember how simple things can be and have launched a new tool for CEOs and business owners. Our Company Snapshot covers the four key areas of a business: Product, Plan, People and Finances and includes 10 questions in each area. It only takes 15 minutes and the graphical representation tends to hit you between the eyes. It was recently said amongst a group of CEOs who all completed the snapshot, “I was able to take it in a very short period of time and get an instant view of the gaps in my company.”




Based on responses to date, it is no surprise the top scores are in the area of Finance. However, the revelation that is a little startling and disturbing is the lowest score and least attended to area is the Plan. The business leaders who have responded scored themselves less than a 3 (out of 5) in 50% of the questions in regards to their company planning, thus leaving major gaps and missed opportunities in the areas of their Product and People.




So how do you go about fixing this? As one CEO commented, “I was surprised at how low my scores were in some areas but could see from the questions I answered what I needed to do to strengthen those areas.” By narrowing the range of “things we need to improve on” to just a few, a business leader can finally focus him/herself and the team, to strengthen the key parts of the company that will then impact and improve the rest. We encourage all business leaders to click on the below and experience what so many others have – quick clarity and focused objectives for improvement!



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