2 Different Methods to Generate Leads

Leads are what any business is looking for.

They essentially are your potential customers, thus knowing how to generate leads is an important skill to learn. Today we will go over the 2 effective ways any business can generate leads.

Active Lead Generation

To actively generate leads, it requires businesses to actually go out and find them. The way most businesses go about active lead generation is by setting up booths at malls or grocery stores, and enticing people with free samples of things. At those booths, you try to entice them to try your product and then you entice them to actually buy your product. This isn’t only applicable to businesses in the food industry, those in the service or fashion industry can use them as well. Its the same method for any industry, you have to actually go out their and find your leads. If you don’t have the time to go to public areas to talk to people, then you can do this online as well. Some companies use Reddit to achieve this. They host a AMA (ask me anything) on specific subreddits regarding their industry, and in these posts people can ask you questions about your product and what you offer. Its basically a virtual booth.

Passive Generation

Passively generating leads is the more easier of the 2 options. In essence it is marketing. You post your ads on billboards and newspapers, and hope that someone will get drawn in by your add, and purchase your product or service. In todays digital age, many company’s use social media to achieve this. They post images of their products, or post flash sales on their accounts to entice their followers or people who view their page, to buy their product. Companies also use influencers to achieve this as well. At Cerius, we use blogs to passively generate leads. By reading our blogs, and seeing the business knowledge we possess, we hope that you will check out our website and use our services.

Which method of lead generation is the best? It really depends on the time you have and the industry you are in. If your company sells crackers, then its best to actively generate leads, so people can actually try your crackers before purchasing. On the other hand, if you have a consultancy agency, you may not have the time to actively generate leads since you have clients to tend to, thus passively generating leads is best for you.

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