3 Ways Marketing Can Help Increase Sales

Although marketing is very different from sales, there are multiple ways marketing can help increase sales.

Marketing and sales are treated as two separate functional areas in large organizations and thus have their own departments, strategies, and teams. Despite operating independently, marketing and sales depend heavily upon each other to increase sales.

Unlike selling, marketing doesn’t focus on closing the deal. Rather it is an effort by the business to build awareness of the brand and product to attract the attention of prospective customers.

Think different

Think different might be Apple’s slogan from the nineties, but it’s also an effective way of strategizing marketing campaigns. Encourage creativity among team members and come up with stories, messages, and visuals that stand out. In a world buzzing with ads at every corner, you need to think different to be different.

Set time limits

A good way to drive sales is to offer time-limited sales and promotions. By creating a sense of urgency, people who were unsure of buying will push to seal the deal as soon as they can. Nothing creates a shopping frenzy more than a one-day sale like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Make videos to increase sales

Instructional videos that explain how your product works and its benefits are great sources of consumer traffic. According to a recent study, 45% of users browse online reviews before purchasing a product or service, while an astounding 82% of users with smartphones do online research on their mobile while inside a store.

Videos are quite effective at marketing as their content is easier to comprehend and remember than text or images. A good marketing strategy incorporates videos of its products and industry and distributes them online. Just make sure that they’re not too long and are easy to understand and share.

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