Healthcare Services – Marketing

Interim Chief Marketing Officer - Marketing

Healthcare Services – Marketing

Roadmap, plan & metrics
Understanding of ROI
Costly mistakes w/prior marketing direction
She was an amazing fit for our organization and was an incredible contribution during her time with our team.
Company Profile
Healthcare Services
400 Employees
Chief Marketing Officer
3-4 days/week, 9 months
Dwindling leads after key sales personnel exhausted their contacts
CEO was seeking a marketing strategy and roadmap to establish a marketing infrastructure
Leadership recognized the need for marketing at this point in the company and industry's maturation
Evolved the company's strategic platform: Vision, Mission and Values
Identified critical issues that would impact completion of a marketing strategy and roamap including the company name and resolved them
Created marketing roadmap and execution plan
Developed staffing and budget recommendations
Developed position, recruited, and on-boarded Senior Marketing Manager
Executed the first phase of all tactical plans with Senior Marketing Manager
Launched initial thought leadership efforts: social media, blogs, speaking engagements
Built tactical plan with hundreds of line items to actualize marketing roadmap with project management and tracking


  • Created marketing strategy, Roadmap, Infrastructure
  • Increased understanding of marketing ROI and how to realize it
  • Saved costly mistakes w/prior marketing direction