CEOs and Social Media Marketing

CEOs and Social Media Marketing

Doing social media marketing effectively remains a mystery to many CEOs.

By Bob Donnelly

A day doesn’t go by without one story or another about how a company used social media to grow their business or build their brand. However, for many CEOs, this is a major conundrum because neither they nor their staff, have enough experience with social media platforms to use them effectively for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Get a User-Friendly Website

Some CEOs don’t have user-friendly websites, either. In an era of electronic commerce, this is a serious issue.

The best thing to do in these cases is to find a good website developer who is also social media savvy, and get going with them immediately. This may seem to be a questionable expense given other challenges, but the failure to do so is to decrease the visibility of the company and its brands even further from mainstream business opportunities in a growing mobile marketing world.

Social Media Marketing – Understand SEO

The internet has opened up a global market of opportunities, but the world has to be able to find you, and you need to help them know you exist. This requires developing a fundamental understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology that the website developer can help you with, and in the process, you can learn quickly from them rather than trying to get up to speed on your own.

Once you have a graphically sophisticated user friendly site that is easy to navigate through with easy to follow helpful explanations about the value of your products, supported by self-explanatory videos, you will be surprised by the new traffic and leads that begin to be generated. However, you also have to be proactive and start to use some of the more effective social media platforms like YouTube to broadcast your value propositions, and Twitter to build a network of interested followers, and E blasts to customers about new products and other events of interest with your company.

Social Media Marketing – Ask the Experts

One of the best tools I have developed is an “Ask the Experts” section on your new website. Since almost everybody is searching for something on the internet these days when they find a site with products that look good to them, but they are not quite sure, by giving them an opportunity to “ask an expert” for clarification it is a wonderful opportunity to begin a dialogue and endear yourself to a potential new customer.

Try it and you might be surprised by those who ask the expert.

Bob Donnelly is an author, educator, and brand builder for businesses and individuals. He can be reached at [email protected]

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