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Results Driven by Cerius Interim and Part-time Executives

Cerius Interim Executives are hand selected for their ability to work within your company to produce results. Sometimes accomplishing the agreed upon goals requires a day or two a week for a few months. Other engagements may dictate a more intensive amount of time over a longer period. Either way, you have complete flexibility to apply the part-time executive to a key role or key initiative without the obligations of a full-time employee.



Client Comments

“Hard to believe he was able to transition in so quickly and well. Saying the business has stabilized is an understatement.”

“Work done helped lead the way to the centralizing of all of global sales and marketing functions to provide quicker speed to value and market.”

“It has been extremely enlightening working with him.  His clear insight and logical approach has clarified a very irrational situation.  His operational expertise has made a forever lasting impact in our direction and approach; he has aimed us in the correct direction for success.  His ability to assess our leadership and make corrections that we just overlooked has been a tremendous asset.”

“The Cerius Interim immediately adapted to our organizational culture and was well received by our leadership team. He was a solid relationship builder, provided solid advice and counsel and easily transferred his exceptional human resources skills to our leadership team.”

“The Cerius Interims were professional, diligent and hard-working. They were helpful in getting us through a difficult transition phase and I would happily recommend them without reservation to any company in need of accounting help.”

“Now I don’t have to be embarrassed when I present financial numbers to outsiders as I no longer need to make excuses for errors made in preparing financial projections.”

“Our Interim VP of Sales clearly defined the sales process we should use to win business. We now fully understand how to transition a brand new lead into a paying customer.”

“We are leaps and bounds from where we were and are more confident in our roles. I can’t believe this is the same company!”

“We would not be in business today if we did not make the move to bring in an interim executive.”

“Hiring an interim to permanent was so painless and risk free. I got to “try out” my future employee for almost a year before I made her “mine.” I knew exactly what I was getting.”

“Great job and exactly what was needed.”

“He did exactly what we needed him to do.”

“Both CFO and CIO had great backgrounds, great professional experience, very easy to work with, no hand holding, very professional and really had a goal and got it done.”

“[The interim] was the right choice so we could make the tough change in leadership. He helped us see the harsh realities of the state of the company and he pointed us to the road of recovery until we found our permanent solution.”

“[Interim] was a key part in bringing the group together that was left after the transition and coming up with the game plan going forward.”

“Sales people are held accountable for quotas and sales results. With CRM system in place, management now knows exactly where it is in relation to the quotas and pipeline. Sales department now has measurements comparable to other departments: operations and finance.”

“What we thought we would get was improved operations – but what we got was an entirely new, performance-based approach to all company activities – and the insights necessary to make substantial strategic changes.”

“Very thankful for strategic plan and holding people accountable!”

“Thank you for leadership! He hit the ground running, he’s a true professional and will be missed!”

“Having you around here is like a breath of fresh air to my company.”

“It was the best way to jump start our marketing activities – with the skills and experience to be productive immediately. It was low risk. We had a lot of flexibility because it was not an employee hire.”

“Cerius Interim Executive Solutions delivered a performance-based professional that was always mindful of execution and results. The depth of experience and wisdom the interim executive had was invaluable and laid a strong foundation for us to further stimulate growth and profitability.”

“For the first time we have clearly stated time frames and goals. We are pleased with the management sales training program and that department managers are working as a team. The new VP of sales understood and appreciated the comp plan review (he took the job after reading it…”

“His presence left a lasting impression on our company and helped me tackle some very serious issues that needed attention.”

“The assignment was certainly considered a success. We closed one major order and moved several others well along. Now we will try to continue the momentum he built up!”

“Couldn’t be happier with where things are at. The Cerius Executive is providing clarity to all and everyone is asking to work with him. He is a gem.”