Focus on Sales: Executive Insights for Chief Revenue Officers (CROs)

Focus on Sales: Executive Insights for Chief Revenue Officers (CROs)

Q&A with Pete Todd, CRO at Veltiosi Advisors

Focus on Sales Strategy: Every quarter, we’ll present insights from top executives from different backgrounds and functions. To help you prepare for Q2 2021, here are sales insights from Pete Todd, an experienced interim executive and member of the Cerius network.

What are the business struggles you see in the sales function right now? 

Even though my primary responsibility is sales, our company’s biggest challenge from a manufacturing standpoint is maintaining a safe environment. We are regularly doing testing to ensure a healthy environment, and at times, having to pause operations as needed.  

From a sales and customer support standpoint, our biggest challenge is the need to over-communicate with our customers, and to be flexible on issues that are beyond our control.

What are your top tips for Chief Revenue Officers in 2021? Why? 

I’d say there are two, related to people and process, because everything comes down to having the right people and processes. 

My first “tip” is keep close to your team, and I do that through scheduled one-on-one meetings. These are always important, but more critical over the last year because there are stresses on everyone, and some are non-obvious. Having that touch-point allows the individual to share what they are seeing and experiencing, and what they are working on. It also provides an opportunity to provide encouragement and focus on the important initiatives. 

My second tip relates to planning—have a plan, especially related to how revenue will grow at the account/customer level. The plan should be regularly updated and include revenue goals, activities and needs.

What’s your favorite piece of advice—guidance that you go back to time and time again? 

My favorite piece of advice is this: “Do what you say you’re going to do.”

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