How Interim Executives Manage Companies in Growth

Interim Executives are the best choice for young, fast-growing companies. Their expertise and skills can help build foundations of growth that are sustainable and versatile.

Growth in businesses and organizations is not always steady. Sometimes it so slow that it feels like there is hardly any growth at all. Other times, it is so fast that business owners don’t have the time to adjust and scale the workplace accordingly. If the organization is not prepared to handle growth, it can cause it to fail just when it’s getting started.

Interim executives share progress

Good leaders don’t keep their employees in the dark. Because if the staff is aware of what’s going on in the company, they can work to accommodate any changes that may affect them. A daily progress email or message updates on Slack can help keep everyone up to speed. A weekly meeting is a good way of addressing any concerns and preempting issues that can come with growth.

Interim executives appoint managers

Leaders that delegate are more productive than those who try to do everything themselves. By appointing managers for small teams, interim executives are setting up a structure that can work well for both small and large organizations. As those small teams grow into larger ones, the responsibility of training and managing them lies on their manager, not the business owner or CEO.

Interim executives document processes

Documented processes and procedures are a fast and efficient way of onboarding new employees. They can be compiled into a sort of manual that explains the company’s mission, culture, and way things are done. Not only does it shorten the learning curve for new hires, but it allows managers to easily make adjustments to it for growth. Anytime a process needs to be changed or replaced, it can be done in the manual and forwarded to employees.

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