How to Grow Your Business When You Have Big Ambitions and a Small Budget

How do you grow your business on a small budget? Interim executives bring the expertise that you need without having to invest in a full-time executive leader. They can help you through the different stages of your company’s growth and vision.

Pam Wasley: Big ambitions? Limited resources? So common for companies today. Almost should be a requirement.
Kristen McAlister: Pam no worries. Companies can now get more for their money with part-time or interim executive that can execute on all of those big ideas within a limited budget. Coming up next.  Pam, anyone who watches us knows that Cerius has grown to where we are by having big vision and doing a lot with very limited resources. From marketing to IT to HR, we’ve never been without the expertise we needed through all the different stages of our growth. We’ve done it by leveraging our own interim executive network.
Pam Wasley: Kristen, think about how our marketing department evolved? It went from guerilla marketing where we were in the growth stages and then it moved onto the social media and digital media. And now it’s more into the lead-gen with new AI. It’s fantastic how we’ve evolved that and we get to plug-and-play whatever expertise we need at that moment. We’re able to bring it in and help us at that time.
Kristen McAlister: And now we’re on the radio, we’re doing video. We need different experts for the different areas throughout our growth. One of the secrets of our success isn’t really a success. We use interim and part-time executives. How else would we execute on Pam’s big ideas year after year?
Pam Wasley: Hey!
Kristen McAlister: To get our free book, 101 ways to leverage an executive click the link on your screen or in the description below and I’ll see you in the next video.

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