How to Increase Your Profit Margins 5 Different Ways

Learning how to increase your profit margins is a skill all business owners should know.

A small business doesn’t need to introduce large-scale changes to its business processes in order to make a massive increase in profit. Here we offer five tactics you can use to improve your business. Today we will go over a system you can use to increase your profit margins. By using this system, your profit margin could grow up to (or more than) 75% only by adding a 5% increase to each of the five tactics we’ll be discussing.

Increase the number of your customers

In order to increase the number of people who will come and buy from you, invest time in developing good marketing strategies. First, find the main differentiators. Examine products that make you unique and attractive to potential buyers. After doing so find a niche that can be tapped into, start working on specific marketing strategies to attract those customers.

The key is to systemize the sales process. At that point, the entire process is not driven by you anymore, but by the system, and the sales process can be replicated over and over again. You’ll keep attracting customers into your business without added to your marketing or sales team.

Increase the number of repeat customers

The more returning buyers, the higher the profit. Repeat sales won’t just happen, it takes action and getting those customers to purchase your products again. Offering outstanding service is the basis, but it’s not enough. Give customers a reason to come back and you can do so by asking them to return. Deepen your relationship with them by adding them to mailing lists, offer catalogs, and loyalty cards, to name a few. Give your customers repeat opportunities to visit your business again.

Increase the average value of the sale

Explore ways to sell more than one product at a time. This can be done by cross-selling; for example, see which products are related or complementary and offer customers to buy more than they had planned in the first place. Refer a customer to a product of higher value or a better deal (it can be an item more profitable for you), which is known as up-selling. Another example of increasing the average sale value is to bundle products together (a low-margin product with a high-margin product, one that sells well with one that doesn’t, etc).

Increase profitability

To increase profitability, focus on operational efficiencies and avoid discounts. Discounts should be at the bottom of the list if it is a smaller business. Sometimes they are unavoidable, such as when some products are not selling and they are taking up space. These discounts are a necessity but they shouldn’t be used as a business tactic for profitability increase. Find out how many of those items need to be sold in order to reach the same profit margin.

Reduce costs to increase your profit margins

Again, improve operational efficiencies and minimize the overhead costs. Keepin mind that some overhead costs are highly beneficial for the business so be cautious about which costs are being cut; don’t make a counterproductive move.

Question costs and expenditures. Pinpoint things that cost more than they should or absolutely have to. Adopt lean thinking and let it help you cut wasteful money drains. By learning how to increase your profit margins, you will be able to run a successful business.

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