How to Use Facebook to Increase Sales

Facebook is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and grow your online business.

Theoretically, running an online business should be easy. You don’t need to sit at a shop all day or worry about rent and space. However, in reality, it’s not easier as you’re constantly thinking about how to increase sales. What makes running an online business more difficult than the traditional brick-and-mortar? The competition.

With a physical store, you only need to worry about rivals on your street or locality. But in an online marketplace, you’re essentially competing with the world. Competition is fierce and making your voice heard no easy feat.

Difficult it may be, but not impossible. If you harness online tools and resources effectively, you can get your message to your target customer and increase sales. But among all the platforms available, there is one that has the most users and engagement.

You may have already guessed it – Facebook.

Increase sales with Facebook

Facebook is one of the most effective channels of online marketing. With over 2 billion monthly active users, the social network is a hub of potential customers. To help businesses connect with their market, Facebook offers some great tools for businesses.

Facebook pages

Creating a page for your business on Facebook is akin to creating a website. It lists your contact information, updates, product details, and reviews from customers. Furthermore, it is a means of branding and positioning, helping you establish your target image.

Facebook Advertising

Over 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising to increase sales. Because of promising numbers in ROI, the feature only continues to grow. Its success makes it one of the biggest contenders to Google’s powerful Adwords program.

Facebook Groups to increase sales

A lot of people are using Facebook to connect with communities of similar interest. A quick search on it reveals groups on all kinds of stuff – TV shows, movies, restaurants, cities, schools, and much more. Rather than just joining groups, create your own and add people. Being the admin of a group gives you more control and visibility, making it easier to promote your business.

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