Is your company positioned to bounce back?

When faced with competitive threats, economic downturns and other challenges, how does your company react? Some companies totally separate and fragment like a dropped Christmas ornament. Others continue to do the same things, the same way and, surprisingly enough, expect a different outcome. These companies barely survive and get so beat up they begin to appear bruised like an old orange. The successful, well strategized companies are more like a rubber ball; they proceed with resilience and energy to meet whatever confrontations come at them. They “bounce” in a new direction. So, which are you?

This “bounce” concept comes from one of my favorite business authors, Keith McFarland (author of “Breakthrough Companies“) in his recent book called “Bounce.” Written in a story format, it is a wonderful, quick read that will help companies not only survive, but rebound with “bounce” and flourish through all of today’s challenges. Check out McFarland’s six great principals from “Mike Maloney and his team”, the story in “Bounce”, that will determine the quality of an organization’s “bouncability.”

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