Managing Business Processes Through a Supply Chain


Business processes are responsible for getting a product or service to the end-user. Through a well-designed supply chain, managers and executives are able to minimize waste and boost profits.

Business processes

The end of all good and bad supply chains is the customer. It is activated to fulfill an order – whether it was made at a store, online or by phone. Oftentimes it can be global. A customer receiving their purchase is achieved through a series of business processes. Each transforms and distribute the product or service from raw materials to the final product consumed. However, all business processes take time, resources and perhaps employees that have been hired and trained to carry it out effectively.

Effective management of business processes

Organizations that invest in an effective business process management system save time and money. Even managing to save one second in processing time per package salvages millions of seconds and thousands of dollars across all packages.

business processesSupply chain managers

The wizard who keeps all business processes together is a supply chain manager. Because all of them are interconnected, it is a complex job. They are responsible for designing, managing and improving all business processes from supplier to point of purchase. Supply chain managers see every process as a point of adding value to the company. By minimizing waste, they are able to add to the business’s revenue and profit.

If a supply chain manager performs his role successfully, then a senior executive will be able to monitor and effectively manage from a distance. In addition, having high-quality business processes will stimulate growth.

Business processes models

Large corporations like McDonald’s, DELL, Starbucks and Southwest Airlines are popular among customers because of their business models. Effective, efficient and adaptable business processes among these companies deliver identical high-quality experiences to customers no matter where they are in the world. Conversely, if customers do not get what expected at these outlets they are shocked and understand that at least one business process had an issue.

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