Marketing 101: How to Bring Focus in Midst of a Marketing Crisis

Marketing 101: How to Bring Focus in Midst of a Marketing Crisis

In the midst of plans, messages, and activities going right and left with no rhyme nor purpose, the only thing to do is focus. Bringing focus to your company in the midst of a marketing crisis is the best thing you can do to pull it out of a situation.

Marketing is what drives customers towards a business. Without marketing and innovation, you can’t generate sufficient revenue to be floating in profit. Every company does marketing in one form or another: organic, digital, print, media, etc. There are so many ways and options to market your brand and product in the business world today, yet so many companies, small and big, are stuck in a marketing crisis and struggle to get back on track.

Marketing crisis areas

Creating Order out of Chaos in Your Marketing on Cerius Executive’s blog offers sound advice on getting that focus and navigating out of a marketing crisis. According to them, there are three broad areas that need attention:

  1. Brand – Are we representing ourselves in the best way? Do we stand out from our competitors and is our message clear and consistent?
  2. Strategy – Are we targeting the right segments in the right ways? Is our go-to-market plan heading in the right direction?
  3. Metrics – Can we assess the success or failure of our marketing efforts? Do we know where every lead came from and ended up?

Marketing crisis tips

Other tips on rising out of a marketing crisis from the blog include:

“The trick is to get the most from your marketing expenditures. To make sure every dollar counts. Thankfully, there are some steps that almost every company can take to ensure that marketing budget is well-spent and will produce the desired results.”

“A good place to start is reviewing marketing expenditures. There’s an old saying that goes “I think we are wasting half of our marketing budget, I just don’t know which half.” Many of us have felt that way. Marketing expenses occur by their nature before the sale, and it takes a bit of faith to believe “if you build it they will come.” “

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