New Trends That Will Change Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

With the dramatic increase in the use of digital electronics for content, most company’s marketing strategies are soled focused on the digital side. Their digital content is based on new and potential trends.

The sad thing about business is that nothing stays the same for a while, everything changes year after year. This is a burden for business people as they have to adapt to survive. Just like every year, new trends show up to disrupt things, so today we will go over some trends that will change your company’s marketing strategy.

Voice Searches

Almost every person has a smartphone or system in their home, such as Alexa or Google Home, which allows them to ask the virtual assistant to do things. As humans become more and more lazy with new technology, we expect traditional searches via typing, to decrease substantially. What does this mean for your company? Well if your website is not optimized for voice searches, then the virtual assistant won’t be able to choose your site out of the hundreds, to answer a persons question. Due to this, optimizing your websites for voice searches should be a top priority for your company.

Trends and Memes are Dying Out Even Faster

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when things like TikTok and “VSCO” were all over social media. Well, now they aren’t as prominent as they used to be. Instead World War 3 has been trending on sites like Twitter, with memes everywhere. In a few days this trend will die out, and a new one will be born. For the companies who effectively use social media trends like Wendy’s and Netflix (check their twitter pages as an example to see how to effectively use trends to help market yourself), their social media teams have to work even harder to spot new trends that appear every few days. You really have to be on time, to latch onto a trend these days to effectively “milk it out” of good marketing content, since they go away so quickly.

Google is an Ecommerce Site Now

Google shopping has now entered the arena. Google has basically made its own version of Amazon. It essentially is an ecommerce site where you can actually buy products from Google now. In essence, rather then first searching a topic and finding related products on Google, and then going to Amazon to actually buy the products, you can now do all of these steps through Google. This is a game changer. If you effectively want to sell online now, your going to have to sell your products directly on Google, because all of us lazy humans are now able to save a few minutes by buying directly through Google.

These trends are going to dramatically change the way marketing works in 2020. Its great for the consumers, but its another issue to deal with, for businesses.

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