Tips to Increase Conversions

Conversions occur when a consumer completes one of your desired goals.

These goals could be subscribing to an email list, or actually buying the product. Whatever the goal, having conversions is a sign that your website is designed and performing well. Today we will go over some tips to increase conversions on your site.

Sample Products

Giving away free trials or products are a great way to increase conversions, as this focuses on the consumers who are hesitant to purchase your product. It allows them to actually see the product in action. Hopefully by trying the product, they will then actually buy the product. Company’s achieve this by requiring people who sample their product to create an account. Since they have to create an account, if many trial users aren’t buying your product after trying them out, its not the end of the world. This is because you still have their email, thus you can still market to them through email marketing.

Use Geo-marketing

An aspect of geo-marketing, geotargeting, is a great way to increase conversions. Humans like seeing things that are close to their location. When a person from Boston goes on your website, you can have a message saying “A trusted product/service used in Boston for X amount of years.” A simple message like this will make your product seem more competent to your website visitors.

Use Deadlines to Increase Conversions

When people see things like “limited time offer,” they typically rush to take up that limited time offer. In other words, you should promote to your social media accounts “flash sales” randomly every few weeks. These sales don’t have to be huge, they can be 10-20% off. When people see these sales lasting only an hour, they will try and buy whatever they want, within that time frame to take advantage of the sale. These time deadlines can also be used in peoples shopping carts. When people check their cart, you can say things like, “cart will be emptied after 15 minutes.” Again, this will push people to actually buy the product.

These are some things you can do to increase conversions on your website. The goal of these tips are to get your consumers to actually buy your product.

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