Unite Sales and Marketing Under One Leader

Sales and Marketing team meeting

Sales and marketing are two entirely different functions. Although the two exist and operate as separate departments in modern organizations, they can be united under a common leader.

If you find the right person to unite and keep them in sync, you will watch your leads and customers grow dramatically. Kristen McAlister spoke to Jen Henriksen, a sales and marketing executive, on bridging the gap between sales and marketing. Based on her experiences, she recommends having somebody oversee the two groups as an effective approach to the problem.

Separate functions of sales and marketing, yet complimentary roles

Traditionally sales and marketing were managed by the same person until they developed into departments of their own. Digital marketing has done a lot to bring the back together turning the role from branding and awareness to sales lead conversion.

The organization is seeing the impact marketing activities can have on leads for the sales team over time and are working closer together. They both essentially aim to increase sales, though through different activities and perspectives.

Understanding both sides of sales and marketing

Jen has found that companies where sales and marketing collaborate generate higher quality leads and close more sales. But in her opinion, it all depends on the person leading.

She says, “Someone overseeing both groups must have an understanding of sales and what motivates and drives a sales team. Also, along with the sales team, what needs the marketing side need fulfilling to get their job done.”

Strategic vision uniting sales and marketing

Not everyone can serve as a liaison leader between the two. Not only must they be in tune with both sides, but they must also be aware of the company’s strategy. Jen suggests finding someone “that understands the full strategic vision of the organization.”

She describes an ideal leader of sales and marketing: “They can map that vision across both areas of the company and can communicate with each leader what is needed of them. Doing so can really enable the performance of their counterpart team.”

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