Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning services offered by experienced, C-Level Consultants.

There comes a time in every business’s life cycle, where strategic planning becomes an absolute necessity, especially when areas of your company (finance, sales, IT, HR, operations, etc)  have a need for some kind of improvement. During times like this, turn to experienced executives who can help get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. Cerius works with you to find the right executive for your organization to maximize results and have the greatest level impact.

CEO looking for objective advice with internal management information and overall assessment


  • Assessment completed including a road map to move forward
  • Strategic plan included financial consequences to include different scenarios and make more informed decisions

Strategic Planning Results

  • Strategic plan adjusted based on cost and budget

Need for strategy and standards


  • Established standards within IT including architecture
  • Established project management and governance

Strategic Planning Results

  • Projects have turned from red to green – on time and under budget

Board of Directors wanted a strategic plan


  • Created 3-5 year strategic plan

Strategic Planning Results

  • Strategic plan on track at end of 1st year with quarterly goals in place and measured

Company did not have a marketing plan (SWOT and Goals, Objectives, Strategies& Tactics)


  • Created a marketing plan and weekly market execution meetings

Strategic Planning Results

  • Marketing plan led to predictable lead generation on time product development and introduction

Lack of strategic plan and reporting for decision making


  • Initial dashboard formulated to drive key core metrics

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