5 Pieces of Management Advice

Whether you’ve been manager for a month or a decade, you could always use some foolproof management advice.

The goal of a manager is to get the best results from their team. It is a complex job that only gets better with experience. But first-time managers, who don’t have time to make mistakes and learn from them, can rely on some key pieces of management advice that guarantee success in every domain.

Management Advice #1: Get into the mind of a customer

Encourage employees to think of themselves as a customer. Getting into that mind-set allows them to focus on what matters most: customer satisfaction. Managers must also think from the customer’s perspective and concentrate on how to give them what they need.

Management Advice #2: Set clear goals

While it is the most obvious thing a manager can do, it is often overlooked. The best way to do it right is to set performance indicators for your team and measure their progress against your expectations. Employees must be involved as much as possible in the discussion on what those metrics should be. Because being included in the goal setting process makes them more likely to follow through.

Management Advice #3: Emphasize company values

Expectations should be clear and positive, and not just limited to performance but to behavior as well. Accentuate company values and ask team members to find ways to deliver on those values in their work. Both as a group and as an individual team member. Conveying what you expect in a positive manner rather than a harsh, ruthless tone is more likely to garner the respect and loyalty of your peers.

Management Advice #4: Be curious

Managers are good at making statements and telling others what to do. But not many ask questions. Effective management instead requires knowing and understanding the perspective of their team members. Which is why they should ask questions to keep themselves informed of concerns and issues in the workplace, and respond accordingly.

Management Advice #5: Seek ideas

Managers often feel like they have to be the only one to come up with solutions. While the responsibility to solve issues does fall under their job description, it doesn’t have to be a lonely process. You’d be surprised by how many ideas you can get from the people around you. Just give them a chance to share their thoughts on how they would solve a certain problem, and the answers and inspiration will sweep right in.

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